A drug-dealing mother and daughter tandem have pleaded guilty to possessing and selling cannabis following the discovery of the controlled substance inside their car after vending marijuana to patrons from their BMW last year.

Warwick Crown Court has indicted Lauren, 25, and Sharon Chapman, 47, for possessing cannabis with intent to supply on Monday, Yahoo News reported.

The incident came to light after authorities were tipped off that two dealers driving a BMW had been spotted involved in drug-related transactions in August last year, Prosecutor Feargus Campbell said.

The mother and daughter were reportedly flagged by authorities outside the Chapman matriarch's home in Common Way, Stoke, Coventry late last year. A plastic bag containing suspected marijuana was recovered from the duo. The suspects later confessed that it was indeed cannabis worth some £1,000 (approximately US$1,393), the Coventry Telegraph wrote.

Around 138 grams of herbal cannabis were seized from the tandem's vehicle. They allegedly sold the substance for £10 (approximately US$13) per gram. The Chapman women were immediately nabbed and their houses were subsequently raided.

Officers retrieved three cannabis plants and a Quality Street tin can containing marijuana from their homes, as well as a box, another tin, and two bags that also contained cannabis.

In younger Chapman's home, located in Rylands Crescent, Stoke Golding, near Hinckley, yielded £1,150 in cash and a box containing cannabis, scales, a grinder, and a roll of small plastic bags.

The daughter argued that the drug was all for personal use, saying she had to get a large quantity in one purchase as she had trouble getting hold of it. She further said that the seized supply would only last her three months.

However, authorities found her claims deceitful, as her phone records revealed transactions with at least 33 customers. She had also made a bulk five-ounce purchase of cannabis before her arrest.

Sharon, likewise, claimed that the cannabis was for her personal use and reportedly smoked 7-8 grams a day. The mother's claims would also be disproven by police.

“Lauren was a significant role because the dealing was her own concern,” Campbell said.

“She was aware of the nature and scale of her daughter’s operation and had attended to collect a large quantity of cannabis - and she would have been aware of the lifestyle of her daughter, who was able to afford a BMW and to accumulate a large amount of cash, despite being unemployed,” authorities added.

The Chapmans had been sentenced to separate punishments. Lauren was sentenced to a year behind bars, suspended for two years, and was ordered to do 120 hours of unpaid community work.

Sharon, on the other hand, was sentenced to a 12-month community order.

The mother and daughter have also been obliged to undergo rehabilitation activities and pay costs £350 (approximately $487) for Lauren’s case and £175 (approximately $243) for Sharon’s case.

marijuana-2174302_1920 A mother and daughter have been sentenced to separate punishments after being nabbed for possessing and selling cannabis. Both, who also confessed to using the controlled substance for personal use, are obliged to undergo rehabilitation. This is a representational image. PIXABAY