Season 3 of "El Señor De Los Cielos" is confirmed and Telemundo just announced the premiere date. Rafael Amaya returns as Aurelio Casillas for another round of this action-packed adventure on Tuesday, April 21 at 10pm ET/PT following the finale of "Dueños Del Paraíso" on the network. The second season of the series came to a close with a twist that nobody saw coming. Coming into the last episode we already had a lot of questions that we wanted answers to, but the finale only raised more questions. After the crossfire between Aurelio Casillas (Amaya) and Chema Venegas (Mauricio Ochmann), both men were able to come out of it alive. Aurelio sets up a meeting with La Gober (Marlene Favela) to talk about how they will work together. She has the phone line bugged so they can trace the call, but Casillas has his satellite phone which makes him untraceable.

La Gober and police plan on tricking Aurelio into believing she really loves him and they set a plan in motion. They meet up in a hotel room and they have sex, making Casillas believe that he's still got her. Meanwhile Ballesteros (Carmen Villalobos) and El General (Manuel Balbi) are at the airport where Casillas ordered a jet to be ready for him to leave with La Gober. The jet has a leak, which is part of the plan to stop Aurelio from running away. Meanwhile Chacorta (Raúl Méndez) is scoping out the scene to make sure there are no federal agents trying to arrest his brother. Aurelio now thinks he's sure La Gober didn't play any tricks on him and trusts her. At the airport Aurelio notices there's a problem with his jet. When he's unable to liftoff the agents ambush him and another crossfire starts for the capture of Aurelio Casillas.

As the crossfire takes place outside, inside the jet la Gober tries to leave, but she can't. Aurelio strangles and apparently kills her for tricking him. Chacorta and his mean are able to escape and Ballesteros finally has "El Señor de los Cielos" face to face. They arrest Aurelio and take him to prison. Mónica (Fernanda Castillo) gives birth to her baby with Aurelio. Chema Venegas celebrates that he is the only reigning kingpin as Aurelio is in jail. Rutila (Carmen Aub) goes to visit her father, which he doesn't want to see. She informs him that she is pregnant and it's from the man he most hates. As Rutila leaves the prison, Chema intercepts her vehicle and is ready to kill her for betraying him. "I don't think you want to kill the mother of the child you're waiting for," Rutila tells Chema and lowers his gun that was pointed to her face.