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A man allegedly killed his two-year-old daughter by slamming her on the floor after an argument with his wife in Lambdura village, Deogarh, Odisha, India.

The accused, identified as 24-year-old Biju Kisan, married Shakuntala, 20, three years back. However, during the three years of their married life, the couple reportedly engaged in heated arguments and fought frequently over petty issues.

Since Shakuntala was unable to bear the abusive behavior of Biju, Shakuntala left their home, took her daughter along with her, and went to her parent’s house a few months back. After living away from the house for months, on Sunday, Jan. 15, she returned to her husband’s place to take her government identification card, the New Indian Express reported.

However, when she came home, Shakuntala reportedly had another fight with Biju in the night. The morning after the fight, when she was leaving for her parent’s house along with the toddler, Biju tried to stop her. A heated exchange took place between the couple.

Following the argument, Biju allegedly snatched their toddler girl from Shakuntala and slammed her on the ground in a fit of rage. The toddler suffered grievous injuries in the attack and was immediately rushed to a local hospital nearby for treatment. However, the doctors at the hospital declared her dead on arrival.

According to investigating officers, the accused has been arrested and detained for interrogation.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a woman who didn't want to babysit her 18-month-old grandson reportedly killed the boy by bashing him against a wall and slamming him to the floor in Ahmedabad, India, as previously reported.

The accused, identified as Chandrika alias Sharmi Raval, has been arrested for murder and assault after she allegedly killed her own 18-month-old grandson Shailesh by slamming him against a wall because she didn't want to babysit him anymore.

On Jan. 24, Chandrika informed her son Mukesh Thakore that Shailesh had fallen ill and that she had to rush him to the hospital. Upon his arrival at the facility, however, the hospital staff told him that his son had died and that his body has been transferred for the conduct of an autopsy.

Later that day, Thakore noticed that his eldest son, 4-year-old Rutvik, had injuries on his face consistent with someone who had been beaten. Sometime later, the doctors who conducted the child's autopsy informed Thakore that his son had died after being hit by a blunt instrument in the head.

When Thakore asked Rutvik what happened, he told him that their grandmother had thrashed both of them and that she had smashed Shailesh against a wall before hurling him toward the floor, causing the grievous injuries that led to the boy's sudden death.

Based on a police complaint lodged by Thakore, the grandmother was arrested on Tuesday, Feb. 1, under Section 302 (murder) and Section 323 (voluntarily causing hurt) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

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