Oberyn Martell aka "The Red Viper" and Ellaria Sand
Season 4 brought House Martell to King's Landing, in particular Oberyn Martell aka "The Red Viper" and his paramour, Ellaria Sand. Season 5 will bring fans to Dorne. HBO

Season 5 of “Game of Thrones” is getting bigger, and I’m not just talking about the series highly anticipated move to IMAX, but the literal world of “GoT” will be growing. Fans will be viewing even more of Westeros in Season 5, when George R.R. Martin’s story introduced the southern hemisphere and specifically Dorne. The geography of Westeros is vital to the telling and production of the show, with the opening credits of the series presenting each location featured in the current season. Season 4 saw the addition of Braavos, Meereen, and Moat Cailin to the opening credits, and the upcoming season will see the addition of Dorne. So what exactly is set to unfold in Dorne, which like the North, the Vale, the Stormlands, the Reach, the Riverlands and the Rock serves as one of the seven kingdoms of the realm? Put bluntly—a lot.

According to George R.R. Martin’s “A Feast For Crows,” fans of the HBO series will be meeting a ton of new characters, mainly Oberyn Martell’s daughters, brother and niece, and nephew. The Martell family will play a huge role in Season 5, including his older and ruling brother Doran Martell, and three of his daughters, who are known throughout the kingdom as the Sand Snakes including Obara Sand, Nymeria Sand, Tyene Sand. Rounding out the new royal characters in Dorne is Doran’s son, Prince Trystane Martell who is currently engaged to Cersei Lannister’s daughter Myrcella, who was also re-cast for Season 5. Areo Hotah, who serves as the captain of Doran Martell’s guard will attempt to keep Dorne’s ruling family safe, but as any good fans knows, "when you play the game of thrones, you either win or you die." Especially when the family is dead set on revenge, or at least some of them are.

Oberyn’s three eldest Sand Snake daughters are seeing red over their father’s tragic death, they advocate rising up in arms against the Lannisters and wish to go to war, however their less tempered uncle Doran has them locked away in a tower in an attempt to avoid war, much to their dismay. But while Doran is focused on his niece’s tempers, he overlooks his own daughter’s who is also planning war. Arianne decides that she will crown Mycrella Baratheon Queen of Westeros, meaning that her brother Trystane, who is her betrothed, will effectively become King of Westeros. According to Dornish law, the eldest child of a ruler is the heir regardless of gender, and Arianne seizes her opportunity after the death of Joffrey. However, her plans are thwarted when her father’s guard Areo Hotah discovers her plans and sabotages it, which results in a severe injury to Myrcella who has her nearly sliced off by a rogue companion of Arianne’s.

However, the Sand Snakes plan, and Arianne Martell’s plan are nothing compared to Doran Martell’s true plan for revenge against the Lannisters. Doran finally reveals to his daughter, that long ago he created a marriage pact for her and Viserys Targaryen, but since Viserys is dead, he has sent his other son Quentyn to Daenerys to try to wed her and complete the old vow and unite two powerful houses, who want to destroy the Lannisters.

If all of this plotting, and deception doesn’t get you excited to go to Dorne in Season 5 of “Game of Thrones,” then just remember that this is one storyline in only one location of the series!

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