A 36-year-old Japanese man has been arrested for horridly soliciting a high school boy to engage in sexual acts in exchange for vitamins and health supplements, local police reported.

The Niigata Prefectural police confirmed that middle-aged man Yu Inuma, a company employee, allegedly bribed a 17-year-old boy with health supplements to convince the underage victim to have sex with him in August last year, the Tokyo Reporter noted.

Authorities asserted that the suspect knew the victim was below 18 during the time of the abuse, however, Inuma vehemently denied the claims upon his arrest.

“There is no question that I carried out the act, but I do not remember him being 17,” the suspect said upon his arrest on suspicion of violating the anti-child prostitution law.

The Seiro resident had reportedly met the boy via social media, police noted.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a 31-year-old man reportedly hideously contracted a first-year high school student to engage in sex with him late last month.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested Takumi Agawa after he sordidly participated in sexual behavior with a teenage girl inside a multipurpose public toilet at a shopping mall.

Reports stated that the suspect promised to reward the minor with 100,000 yen (US$900) in return. After the ordeal, the predator reportedly told the underage victim that he had to "get the money from [his] company” in order to pay her. However, he did not return.

“I did it to satisfy my sexual desire,” Agawa told the Kodaira Police Station upon his arrest on suspicion of violating the anti-child prostitution law.

In another incident, a 33-year-old elementary teacher has been charged on suspicion of violating the child pornography law and forcible obstruction of business after allegedly installing a hidden camera inside the girl’s toilet at a school.

Police have apprehended Katsuya Nagano, a municipal elementary school teacher in Adachi Ward, reported Japan Today.

The indecent deed was discovered last March 19 after a student shockingly discovered a miniature camera on the floor of a restroom. The school shortly identified Nagano as the suspect.

Nagano has also been accused of using film to produce child pornography.

Japan’s Child Prostitution and Pornography Prohibition Act “imposes long terms of imprisonment and hefty fines on those who are found guilty of committing, soliciting, or involving a child in prostitution as well as those who possess, produce, provide, transport, or display child pornography or commit other related acts." 

Trafficking in children for the purpose of child prostitution or producing child pornography is also outlawed and is punishable by imprisonment for a period of up to ten years.  Attempts to commit these crimes are also prosecuted. 

Pills Niigata Prefectural police have arrested Yu Inuma after supplying a high boy with health supplements in exchange for sex. The suspect, however, denied the allegations, claiming he didn't know the victim was below 18 years of age. This is a representational image. PIXABAY