La Banda
Meet the second group of talented contestants who made it on "La Banda's" auditions! Univision

Following its successful premiere last week, "La Banda" returned Sunday night with its second episode. Alejandro Sanz, Ricky Martin and Laura Pausini are still in the hunt for the next Latino boy band. In the midst of enthusiastic fans and aspiring young boys, the judges have selected the second group of winners.

Before we introduce to you the 10 lucky winners, let us remind you how "La Banda" works. The boys have to impress the fans before showcasing their talents to the three judges. On a stage located outside of the "judge's room," the boys have a couple of minutes to make a lasting first impression on a group of young girls. Based the their charisma, looks, personality and energy, the boys must obtain a 75 percent or higher to make it to the next round and enter the room where Sanz, Martin and Pausini await. However, the judges are able to save those contestants who did not win the hearts of fans ---depending if they caught their attention.

Among the winners are a pair of twins, the son of a renowned Puerto Rican singer and a hardcore Ricky Martin fan. Behold, the second round of contestants in search of becoming the next Latino boy band!

Franco Tortolani​ (Venezuela)

Christopher Velez(Ecuadorian from New Jersey)

Ezequiel and Jeremiah a.k.a. Cardenas Twins (Los Angeles)

Adam Allende (Puerto Rico)

Johann Vera (Ecuadorian from Miami)

Cristhian Camacho (Colombian from New York)

Sebastian Rivera (Puerto Rico)

Jorge Gabriel Rodriguez (Cuban from West Palm Beach)

Yoandri Cabrera (Cuban from Miami)

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