One TikToker saw her date's true colors when she received a mean message from this man.

Molly Hair posted a footage on TikTok about how her date texted her minutes before they were supposed to meet, asking if she had arrived at the meeting area.

But before she could respond, he sent her another message that plainly was not intended for her: "Waiting on this "c***." I took a pinch for confidence."

The anonymous man immediately attempted to downplay the slur after realizing he had not sent the message to his friend but rather to the date he was referring to.

"Omg I was joking with a buddy I'm just going to leave," he said. He added two face-palm emojis. Molly responded with the following: "What?" before asking "Am I the c***?"

Molly's TikTok soon went viral when she shared the message she received. The video garnered nearly 4 million views and over 250,000 likes. Thousands of commenters eagerly asked to know what happened next.

Molly released more screenshots of the text exchange that occurred following the offending text in a follow-up video.

She was initially perplexed with the text message. She said that she did not understand what had happened. As soon as she realized what was going on, she began driving away.

The date replied. "Omg I don't really think that at all I joke too much I say shit like that just to say it," the person said.

"I completely understand if this is over," he added.

Calling a woman a "c***" by accident isn't appealing, so Molly gently let him down. She did, however, make sure to point out his sexist behavior in the process.

Hair politely responded with: "Yeah, to be honest, I'm not really comfortable meeting anymore. I just don't really feel like it's okay to call women that even as a joke and I see it as a red flag sorry!"

Even after she gave him a heartfelt farewell, the guy continued to harass her with nonstop texts. The New York Post said Molly's date even held God responsible for his messed-up messaging.

"I'm really f**king sorry Molly in no way shape or form that I think of you that way I talk too much and I'm not as funny as I think. I'm not trying to reconcile but I do want to apologize sincerely I'm sorry. I missed out I'm sure," he lamented.

"I'm sick to my stomach just thinking about it, [it is] God's plan I guess. I was so excited to see you I was just trying to be funny with Joe omg."

The date kept messaging Molly, stating how "excited" he was to see her and how "disappointed" he was with how events unfolded.

Despite the TikToker's advice to "move forward," he didn't get the message and asked: "But not with you?" Molly said the man needs some growing up to do.

Although she was clearly not interested in him, the guy persisted to text Molly. He stated that he wanted to prove to her that he was "better than that."

He then called her several times, presumably wanting to salvage their evening. She, on the other hand, was oblivious to the calls. Three months later, the guy tries to start a discussion with Molly by texting "Hey."

Indy 100 From The Independent said Molly's video went viral once more, with 1.5 million views and thousands of comments from people who couldn't believe the guy's audacity.

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