An Indian mother has been accused of heinously murdering her own three-month-old infant by throwing the child into a water tank after searching online for ways to kill a person by drowning.

The incident happened in the Madhya Pradesh state of India on Oct. 12. However, the mother was only arrested on Friday, Oct. 22, after an investigation into the incident was completed.

On Oct. 12 afternoon, the woman reportedly alerted her neighbors and relatives that her infant daughter was missing. The accused's family members quickly launched a search for the child in and around the premises of their residence but found no trace of the child, Hindustan Times reported.

After law enforcement was summoned to address the sudden disappearance, they scoured the scene, searched the home's premises, and eventually discovered the infant's body floating inside a water tank located on the roof of the house.

On Oct. 21, the officers detained the woman and her husband following a detailed investigation. During the inquiry, the authorities discovered that the woman had used her mobile phone before her child's death to search online about how to kill someone by drowning, the Times Of India reported.

The police also discovered that the accused had been trying to force her husband to move out from their residence and live separate from his family since 2018. The husband was reportedly taking online classes at home when the woman hurled her child into the water tank.

The woman was arrested following a detailed interrogation by the detectives on Friday, Oct. 22. Further investigations into the incident are underway.

In a similar but unrelated incident, an Indian mother named Sitamahalakshmi allegedly drowned her newborn child in a hospital bathroom sink on July 30 in West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh because she was unhappy with having a baby girl, Latin Times reported.

The infant daughter reportedly fell ill and had to be taken to a private hospital by Sitamahalakshmi and her husband Harikrishna on Aug. 8. The doctors diagnosed the child as suffering from a sinus infection and admitted the child for a few days.

As the child was being discharged from the hospital, Sitamahalakshmi and Harikrishna reportedly looked around the health facility's premises and complained that their child had suddenly gone missing. The hospital management and the child's parents searched the center looking for the missing baby and finally located the infant dead in a hospital sink.

The mother was brought in for questioning and detained by police on Sunday, Aug. 15. After the mother was interrogated, she reportedly admitted to authorities that she was unhappy giving birth to a girl child.

“She murdered the girl as she got angry after seeing her child suffering from illness,” a police officer explained.

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A mother reportedly killed her three-month-old infant by throwing her into a water tank after searching online for ways to kill a person by drowning. This is a representational image. PIXABAY

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