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MIAMI - Reggaeton supergroup The Avengers is set to make a striking comeback this month with their second album, "The Academy: Second Mission." However, this time it won't include one of their key members, Colombian star, Bad Bunny collaborator, and Karol G official boyfriend Feid.

Justin Quiles, Dalex, Lenny Tavárez, and Sech are part of the new project, which remains under the production of Dímelo Flow, continuing their association with Rich Music, the label behind their first joint endeavor.

The notable absence of Feid, who since the first album in 2019 has reached stratospheric success, has sparked speculation and buzz in the music industry, leading many to wonder if it heralds the start of a new public feud in Latin music, especially considering that many of the artists involved in the first album have made some damning revelations.

The Avengers of reggaeton are back

The upcoming album, "The Academy: Second Mission," is scheduled for a digital release on March 28th. The link for pre-orders has already been activated, hinting at the collective's confident stride towards replicating, if not surpassing, their initial success.

This announcement was further amplified by the revelation of a concert featuring all the artists is set to take place at the WiZink Center in Madrid on April 20th, as part of the Kings & Queens Finals. This event, organized by football star Gerard Piqué's indoor soccer league, promises to be a significant moment for reggaeton, with María Becerra also headlining.

The group's excitement about the project was palpable during their recent live appearance on the Kingdom Club program. They hinted at a second album filled with collaborations and surprises, aiming to exceed the high bar set by their first release.

"We'll get these four faces here together next to each other, and we want to have a good time with everybody. We'll give them good music," they said.

What happened with Feid?

Their first project, marked by hits like "Quizás," "Perreo En La Luna," and "Imagínate," had garnered millions of plays, setting a high expectation for the sequel.

However, the shadow of Feid's absence looms large over this announcement. El Ferxxo's decision didn't surprise his fans, after reported issues during their previous collaboration, as revealed by fellow artists Lenny Tavárez and Justin Quiles.

Tavárez hinted at business-related problems with the label during the first project, while Justin Quiles suggested a more specific conflict between Dímelo Flow and Feid over the unauthorized use of a song written by Feid.

Feid's fans are convinced that he refers to the experience in the song "La buena fei," from his album "Feliz cumpleaños Ferxxo te pirateamos el disco."

Diga, nosotro' nunca tuvimo' un plan

Los temas se pegaron y empecé a girar (Wow)

Me hicieron comer mierda por tener afán

Tenía el ki guardado como Son Gohan

Me vine pa' la USA y volví a empezar

Estar pelado, pa' mí eso ya era normal

Pero a la chimba, yo dije que tenía que apretar

Prometí que cuando se me diera no le iba a bajar

Hablando con los cuchos noches enteras

De la rabia que me dio cuando me robaron temas


Mе dijeron que a Dios le agradеcieria

Que no valía la pena y que hiciera otra plena

El Ferxxo is busy, anyway

This controversy has sparked mixed reactions among fans. While some defend Feid, citing his grievances with the production and management, others speculate about his motivations, wondering if he now considers such collaborations beneath his solo career aspirations.

Feid's current focus is on his solo tour, the "FERXXOCALIPSIS Tour 2024," which kicks off in Sacramento on April 24 at the Golden 1 Center. This aligns with the surprise December release of his album "FERXXOCALIPSIS," showcasing his dedication to his individual artistic journey.

Feid's influence in the Latin music scene is undeniable, with billions of streams and a strong social media presence. His hits, like "Luna," and collaborations such as "Perro Negro" with Bad Bunny, highlight his status as a key player in the genre.

The release of "The Academy: Second Mission" without Feid presents a new chapter for The Avengers. This project will test the group's ability to captivate their audience without one of their most celebrated members, while Feid continues to forge his path as a solo artist in the vibrant landscape of Latin music.

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