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MIAMI - Mexican music sensation Peso Pluma finally broke his silence on the rumors surrounding his alleged rehab stint and mental health issues. It was during an interview with Rolling Stone, in which he also delved into the intricate details of his highly anticipated upcoming album "Éxodo," a prelude to his upcoming presentation at SXSW.

Peso Pluma's record-breaking year in 2023 catapulted him to unprecedented heights in the realm of Latin music. With multiple chart-topping songs and his album "Genesis" setting records as the largest música Mexicana release in Spotify and Apple Music history, his influence is undeniable.

The artist shattered Bad Bunny's record on the Hot Latin Songs chart with 25 simultaneous titles and achieved a rare feat by becoming the first artist to secure the number one spot on both the Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Global 200 Excl. US with two different songs.

The first months of 2024 haven't been so kind to the artist. His public breakup with ex girlfriend Nicki Nicole, allegedly due to infidelity, and rumors of a voluntary rehab stay in Mexico, among other things, put him in the middle of a media hurricane. He kept quiet during all of it.

Peso Pluma talks to Rolling Stone

Hours before his return to stage, legendary music magazine Rolling Stone published a very revealing interview with Peso Pluma, which shows the effects of the whirlwind of success and controversy, with his music and personal life constantly under the media microscope.

Addressing his mental health, Peso Pluma candidly shared, "I've always said that music works for me as a kind of therapy. It's a lot of stuff that people don't talk about." He acknowledges the therapeutic power of music in his life, especially amidst the swirling controversies about his lyrics and personal life.

Peso Pluma's approach to music and life reflects a nonchalant, yet deeply introspective perspective. "I don't know how to explain it, I can't tell you," he muses when asked about his mental state, "I'm crazy. I'm not saying that as a joke... Mentally, I'm crazy — the ideas I have, the songs we do. But I think craziness is part of genius." His honesty and openness about his mental health challenges offer a rare glimpse into the mind of an artist at the peak of his creativity.

He also admitted that all the rumors take a toll. "No, it's not easy," he admitted when asked if he has learned to block the noise. "But I think day to day, I'm learning to not give a shit about everything, you know? And to just do what I like. If they like it, good. And if they don't like it, again, good."

Peso Pluma Rolling Stone
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Peso Pluma's upcoming album

Despite the criticism and challenges, Peso Pluma remains undeterred and optimistic about his artistic future. "Éxodo," his upcoming album, is set to showcase a darker, more introspective side of the artist. "This year they're going to know a darker side," he hints, alluding to a more personal and raw exploration of his experiences and thoughts.

"I want it to be a surprise for everyone. I'm focusing on fine-tuning all the details, but there's going to be a lot of flavors, not only of regional Mexican music," he says. "From the beginning, I've liked doing things to get out of my comfort zone. I know everything goes great with corridos, but I also don't pass up opportunities to do other stuff I like."

La Doble P in 2024

The artist also touched on his personal life, revealing his leisure activities which, he said, include playing PlayStation, smoking marijuana, and binge-watching Disney movies like Lilo & Stitch and Ratatouille.

Looking ahead, Peso Pluma is set to headline some of the most prestigious music events, including Rolling Stone's SXSW Future of Music showcase, Tecate Pal Norte in Monterrey, Mexico, and a historic slot at Coachella, marking him as the highest slotted Latin artist in the festival's history. His arena tour is set to kick off in May, further solidifying his position as a leading figure in the music industry.

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