‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spoilers: New Promo Video Reveals Season 5 Secrets; Watch It Here!

PLL Season 5
"Pretty Little Liars" Season 5 will premiere on June 10! ABC Family

The Season 4 finale of “Pretty Little Liars” did it’s best to answer the many mysteries of the suspenseful series, however fans were left with multiple cliffhangers. “A is for Answers” revealed the event of the night that Alison disappeared from Rosewood, but in typical “Pretty Little Liars” fashion as one mysteries was solved, other question was raised. Some of the questions Season 5 will attempt to answer cropped up at the end of Season 4, will Ezra really die and by the way who shot him? The identity of “A” is still completely unsolved, with new suspects returning and departing from Rosewood daily, and of course the old who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis question is still looming? So that’s why when E! released the first Season 5 promo video, we nearly couldn’t believe our eyes as show runner and Marlene King seemingly promised the long awaited answers to the growing list of “Pretty Little Liars” whodunits! So now that the first sneak peek video is released and we have done our very best to scrutinize, here are the top 7 things we learned will unfold in Season 5!

First off Ezra is not doing well, the gunshot wound he received so lovingly from “A” will seriously jeopardize his health. Despite spoilers that Ezra will survive the gun shot, it is finally confirmed from the promo video that his road to recovery will be a long one. And while this may make Ezria fan’s hearts bleed, there is some happiness on the horizon for Rosewood’s favorite English teacher. At 0:04 in the promo video for Season 5, Aria is seen clutching Ezra’s hand as he lays unconscious in the hospital bed. Could Aria be on the road to forgiven Ezra? It seems like a most definite possibility.

But even though Ezra’s survival is pretty much guaranteed, that doesn’t mean “A” won’t be attempting to intervene. Ezra flat lines in the promo video at 0:07, which means that his heart stops beating, and then, of course, “A” is shown walking through the hospital on his or her cellphone. If “A” is attempting to kill Ezra, does that mean that he actually knows his or her identity?

One thing’s for sure, Emily thinks so. In the promo video, Emily can be heard saying, “"Once Ezra tells us who 'A' is, this will finally be over." And while we admire young Em’s nearly endless optimism, there is no way that “A” is going to be unmasked in the beginning of Season 5. Even if Ezra does know, which again according to the promo video, it seems like he does, fans shouldn’t immediately expect a straight answer from him.

At the end of the promo, Ezra and Aria are seen in his hospital room and Ezra is attempting to tell her something. She manages to lean closer to him, and he whispers something in her ear, is it the identity of “A?” Or some other huge mystery? Whatever secret Ezra is spilling, fans should expect it to be a big one, mostly based off the look on Aria’s face.

As if fans didn’t already expect the Ali back in Rosewood plot to cause trouble it seems like the seemingly rehabbed Ali is up to her old tricks. Ali is keeping secrets from the Liar and Hanna, for one, is tired of it. At 0:08, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer are shown with Alison, but the reunion is obviously not a happy one. "No more secrets, Ali!" Hanna declares. Later, we hear Spencer say, "either you trust us, or you don't." What could Alison possibly have left to hide, and why of all people would she choose to keep it from the Liars, who have been protecting her?

More Ali fun was shown in the promo video, at 0:10 there is a serious “A” vs Ali show down and we can’t be more excited for it. Ali is facing off with “A” in the streets of Rosewood, and now that tormentor and tormented are meeting face to mask, fans should expect sparks to fly, along with some classic Ali insults. As for Ali taking on old enemies, Ali and Mona were shown together in the promo video at 0:09, the pair are at Alison’s tomb seemingly paired up against “A” who delivered a flower along with a sinister message.

And last but certainly not least, the “A team” lives and they are bigger than ever. Or at least that’s what we are thinking. At 0:15 the Liars are surrounded by people wearing all black with creepy white masks. Run away Liars and run away fats, nothing good comes from that many black hoodies. 

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