The brother of Princess Diana claimed on Sunday that BBC journalist Martin Bashir had deceived him into believing that Prince Charles had gotten his children’s nanny pregnant by using forged bank documents and other underhanded actions.

Charles Spencer, the brother of Princess Diana, claims that Diana was fed inaccurate or false information by Bashir in order to get Diana to do the BBC interview, before calling for the police to reconsider a criminal investigation against Bashir, according to the Daily Beast.

“I feel that I was groomed... shown forged bank statements; I was told of underhand payments, of spying, and of appalling deception. But, all along I was the one being deceived in order for Mr Bashir to get to my late sister,” he said.

These statements come as the BBC formally apologizes to Tiggy Legge-Bourke, the former nanny of Prince William and Harry, and paid her damages of over $200,000 for the false claim, that she had an affair and was impregnated by Prince Charles, that was made during the interview, the U.K. Press Gazette reported.

Spencer is calling for an investigation against Bashir, saying that the mental state of Diana based on these allegations had made her paranoid during and after this interview to the point of refusing her police protection in favor of private security, and may have directly led to her death.

“I hope the police will reconsider their responsibilities in this matter. Only they have the power to get to the bottom of this terrible scandal, which led Diana to feel even more exposed and alone, and deceived her into forgoing those who cared for her and would have protected her,” he said.

The BBC made a commitment after apologizing to Legg-Bourke that Bashir’s interview with Diana will never be aired or licensed ever again and that any use of excerpts from the interview will have to be cleared first by the BBC’s executive committee.

Princess Diana's brother claims that Martin Bashir deceived him and Diana with forged bank statements, among other things, in order to get the controversial BBC interview that her brother claims got Diana killed. Tim Graham/Getty Images.

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