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Queen Elizabeth "likes to get her hands wet in the sink", revealed the formal royal butler Paul Burrell in 2020.

Talking to "The Secret" podcast, Burrell shared, "The Queen does like to go on picnics but the food is all prepared. She likes to wash up." He went on to add, "She puts on the Marigolds (cleaning gloves) and when she goes out to the log cabin at Balmoral she is stood there with her Marigolds on and she washes up and the lady-in-waiting dries." According to him, the 95-year-old monarch "likes to get her hands wet in the sink."

After Burrell's revelation about the Queen, a washing liquid was reportedly released. A royal product has been available at Queen Elizabeth's Sandringham Estate that is said to "aid her in menial chores."

The washing up liquid is available at the shop on the Queen’s Norfolk estate that stocks “an extensive collection of artisan Norfolk products”. The natural dish wash is available for £14.99 ($19.77) per bottle, it is said to smell like “coastal walks” reminiscent of the smells of the local area. The bottle itself is designed with a Sandringham logo and words that read, "Inspired by a shared passion for protecting our environment, we have collaborated with Norfolk Natural Living, to create our dish wash just 10 miles from the estate, using the finest botanical ingredients."

Meanwhile, as the Queen plans to retire, she has reportedly been stepping up security around her with several new security upgrades at her estates.

According to reports the Queen, who has also been struggling with limited mobility, has acquired new CCTV cameras, new security gates, and state-of-art intercom systems in aim to tighten up her security forces. The said upgrades also include a police entry point and road cameras. It plans to prevent unauthorized vehicles and tourists from getting close to the cottage. The estate is also seemingly undergoing significant upgrades. A "ring of steel" has been reportedly set up around the property.

The Queen has plans to spend more time at her Balmoral estate, specifically at the Craigowan Lodge located a mile away from Balmoral Castle where she used to spend summers with her late husband Prince Philip.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II (center) and Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson (left) greet guests during a reception to mark the Global Investment Summit, at Windsor Castle in Windsor, west of London on October 19, 2021. Photo by Alastair Grant/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

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