Selena Quintanilla Death Anniversary: Remembering 'Queen Of Tejano' With Love Letter To Chris Perez

Selena Quintanilla, Chris Perez
Selena Quintanilla's widower, Chris Perez, shared a rare love letter on singer's 21st death anniversary. We revisit it again before March 31 2017, which would mark the 22nd death anniversary. Instagram/SelenaandChris

As the 22nd anniversary of Selena Quintanilla's death approaches, we remember some of the beautiful displays of affection shared by her family last year. March 31 will always be a bittersweet day for all the people who loved the Queen of Tejano music, taken away from us way too soon. Fans, media, and celebrities usually share rare photos, music, videos or tributes, but it was one note last year that left everyone in tears, from her widower and former Los Dinos guitarist, Chris Perez.

"Today has been bittersweet....for obvious reasons," he said last year the day of Selena's death anniversary on his official Facebook page. "But, I'm happy to be with my band family and on our way to Arizona," he added. The 47-year-old Grammy-winning artist elaborated to his followers on why his day was both good and bad. "Bittersweet. I'm missing someone terribly BUT, feeling grateful for what's in front of me," he stated on a photo of him and his band. "Thank you guys for keeping Selena's memory and legacy alive. I know she would be proud and smiling," he added, remembering his first and true love, Selena. 

Chris Perez Chris Perez Band Facebook/ChrisPerezMusic

But it wasn't that note that left everyone feeling overly nostalgic and missing the Queen. Less than five minutes later, Perez, frontman of the Chris Perez Band, shared a ---probably one of many--- rare love letter from the "Dreaming Of You" singer. "Here's one for the road....let's get to Arizona in one piece. Thanks again for the support's a pic for you," he said along with a photo of the still-intact note written in cursive by Selena.  

"Remember I'll always and forever love you and I miss you more as every second goes by. I love you always, Selena," read part of the letter that she penned. 

Selena, Chris Perez Love letter from Selena to Chris Facebook/ChrisPerezMusic

Selena's older siblings, A.B. and Suzette, also wrote heartfelt messages on Facebook last year. "Can't believe I've survived this long without's insane!! I miss you more than you can ever imagine.... For those who wonder what goes on inside my's the same as what I felt on day one," stated Suzette. Meanwhile, A.B. shared the followng message: "This post is dedicated to anyone who has lost a loved one. It never gets easier only harder!!!."

Selena Quintanilla Suzette shares this picture of Selena Quintanilla on her 21st death anniversary. Facebook/SuzetteQuintanillaOfficialPage

As another year has almost gone by, we still remember and love Selena Quintanilla.

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