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France Knife Attack: Woman Beheaded, 2 Others Killed In A Suspected Terrorist Attack Pixabay

A teacher from the Charlemagne High School in Paris has been receiving death threats after she was accused of “Islamophobia”. The faculty who was not identified reportedly asked one of her Muslim pupils to remove her face veil before taking a test. As required by law, France banned the donning of conspicuous religious symbols in schools in 2004, which includes wearing face veils, also called a niqab.

According to Sentinel Assam, the teacher got into an altercation with the student as she refused to remove her face veil. She was scheduled to take her baccalaureate exam when the teacher instructed her to remove the veil outside the examination room for the purpose that staff could perform an identity check on students before taking the exam. Despite several reminders from the staff of the education office regarding the rules and regulations, the student insisted on wearing the veil.

After several minutes of tense exchanges between the teacher and the student, the girl eventually removed her headscarf citing that she had only done this to avoid any conflict, accusing the teacher of being aggressive with her demands to remove her veil.

Following the encounter, the teacher has been the subject of attacks on social media. The exchange was tweeted by one of the students who also posted a photo of the faculty. Some have demanded to know the name of the educator while others went on to call her a “b**ch”.

The teacher filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office and an investigation has been launched to look into the death threats and the storm of online moral harassment she has been getting. She also filed charges related to endangering the life of others by disseminating information on one’s private life.

The whole scenario brings to mind the brutal beheading of French teacher Samuel Paty in October 2020. Paty was also targeted online and received a barrage of death threats after he showed his class examples of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad during a debate on freedom of expression. His identity was posted on social media which brought an 18-year-old boy from Chechen to behead the 47-year-old teacher near the school.

Last year, another French teacher who wrote about the spread of radical Islam in the country has now been under police protection after receiving ghastly death threats. Didier Lemaire said the threats stemmed from the time he wrote an open letter citing how the government failed to do enough to protect Samuel Paty.

Back in November 2020, French police interviewed four 10-year-old kids who said they fully support the beheading of Paty. Interior Ministry spokeswoman Camille Chaize said, “They justified the teacher’s assassination by arguing that it was forbidden to offend the prophet and adding that they would kill their teacher if he caricatured the prophet.”'

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