Jordan Jobson was just 15 years old when she fatally stabbed 18-year-old Samantha Madgin, who just gave birth to a baby boy at that time. She was convicted of the 2007 murder and sentenced to life in prison, but she was released on probation in December.

But Jobson is back in prison after violating one of her probationary terms.

Samantha's mother, Alison, told Chronicle Live that the murderer should never have been released too soon in the first place.

They are not allowed to find out what she has done, according to the 55-year-old, who simply hopes that no one has been injured.

Alison said that she has always managed to get through life by focusing on the positive aspects of life rather than on herself.

But when she was finally released, it brought everything back to life.

Jobson, she said, hasn't learned anything.

"Is this going to be the pattern now? Is she institutionalized now? She's not a kid anymore, she's an adult," Alison said.

Samantha was assassinated in August 2007, while on her first night out since giving birth to her son Callum.

Jobson and the teenager had never met before, but their paths collide in an alleyway in Wallsend, Tyne and Wear, when a scuffle erupted. Samantha was stabbed several times in the face, arms, and chest by Jobson, who had been drinking vodka and taking cocaine.

One of the blows pierced the victim's lung and cut a major artery near her heart, ensuring there was little that could be done to save her life, according to Newcastle Crown Court.

Samantha's son, Callum, who was just 10 weeks old at the time, was left without a mother as a result of the murder.

Jobson, of Walker, Newcastle, was later found guilty of murder and was initially sentenced to a minimum of 15 years in prison.

Following two separate appeals, the sentence was shortened to 11 years.

Jobson was approved for parole in 2018 and was transferred to an open prison to await her release.

Following an incident at HMP Askham Grange, an open prison in Yorkshire, she was transferred to a higher-security prison just three months before her minimum sentence was to expire.

She is said to have threatened another prisoner.

She scuppered her chances of parole again in April 2019, just weeks before she was scheduled to appear before the parole board, after failing to comply with terms while on day release.

Samantha's family has fought tooth and nail to keep her from being released.

Her loved ones founded Samantha's Legacy in her honor in 2019.

The organization offers assistance and guidance to other families who have been affected by knife crime.

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