Thalia is a beloved telenovela actress who has starred in classic stories like “María Mercedes,” “Mari Mar” and “María La Del Barrio.” The Mexican superstar has not been seen in a small screen project since “Rosalinda” back in 1999, but that could soon change if producer Juan Osorio has his way.

The Televisa producer is bring back to life “Aventurera” and this time around he wants to make a television series aside from the stage musical. Although nothing has been confirmed, the rumors point that Osorio wants Thalia in the iconic Elena Tejero role first played by Ninón Sevilla in a film back in 1949.

In a press conference to present the new cast of the musical with Susana González, Osorio was confronted with the question about talks with Thalia for the tv version. He admitted that although Tommy Mottola’s wife has not accepted the offer, she has not turned it down either.

Osorio even joked that he would film the series in New York if that was one of Thalia’s conditions to accept the role. The producer said that it’s complicated because the actress has a busy life and is also a mother.

In the past, Thalia has named her price to accept a television offer. During an interview with “El Gordo y la Flaca” she told Lili Estefan that, "$20 [million] really make you doubt." Estefan quipped and said, "I have 20 and a William Levy." Thalia quickly reacted with a great smile on her face, "Well then, maybe."

Talking more seriously the "Equivocada" hitmaker said about returning to telenovelas that it's not an easy feat. "It is very tiring making novelas," she said. "You know that I like to do my thing, I am very free, like very 'gypsy' in the way I live. I love being with my kids, I love doing my projects, my businesses, my clothing line, I have a thousand things that I am doing and when you are sequestered on a set you have no personal life."