For any parent, it would be wise to be on alert on where your child is at all times before doing anything else. A father from Guyana is now left grieving after he accidentally crushed his 20-month-old son Sunday as he was driving a lorry at their Mahaica East Coast Demerara residence.

According to reports, the father was trying to navigate the lorry out of their yard when he noticed something between the lorry’s wheels. When he stepped down to check, he found his son (Adan Kiritpaul) lying motionless and the head crushed.

Local authorities arrived at the scene and process the scene. The body of the innocent boy was brought to the Mahaicony Public Hospital but was pronounced dead.

"The police arrived shortly after and commenced processing the scene. The body of the child was taken to the Mahaicony Public Hospital and an official pronouncement of death was made,” according to the police.

 Adan Kiritpaul
Adan Kiritpaul Adan Kiritpaul | Guyana Daily News photo

A post-mortem on the boy is now underway. The father is in custody and assisting in the investigation. It was a heart-wrenching development to hear, especially when an innocent child is involved.

In other news, a six-year-old boy who went missing Sunday was reportedly killed by his mother. The suspect was identified as Brittan Gosney, 29, who reported their son (James Robert Hutchinson) missing to the police.

But authorities found it a bit odd to see a couple heading directly to the police station since they could always report it via 911. Regardless, search teams were initially dispatched so that they could immediately look for the boy. That, however, changed after three hours when a new alert was issued.

Already aware of inconsistencies, the police questioned the couple further until both admitted that the boy was already dead and that they had thrown the body in the river. It turns out that the boy was killed in Preble County days before they reported him missing.

The story got even stranger with Gosney admitting that she brought her son and two other siblings to the Rush Run Park in Preble County. She planned to leave the boy there and it has yet to be known what Gosney had planned for the brother and sister.

Through it all, the child tried to get back on the car with Gosney driving away. The boy was dragged by the vehicle at high speed. She later found her son in the parking lot of the park with a head injury and thought he was dead. After bringing the child home, the couple loaded the body of the six-year-old and then dumped him at the Ohio River.

Gosney admitted that she had a learning disability and did not understand what was happening. She is charged with murder, abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence while Hamilton was also arrested and charged with abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence.

James Robert Hutchinson
James Robert Hutchinson James Robert Hutchinson | Middletown Division of Police photo via Twitter

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