When “White Collar” ended last season we saw that the relationship between Neal and Peter started to crumble. In order to get Peter out of prison clean with no indictment stain on his record Neal confessed that he was the one who stole the rare Welsh gold coins. Peter did not feel grateful to Neal after his confession. Instead Peter told Neal that he did not confess out of the goodness of his heart. Peter felt that Neal was backed into a corner and had to admit his crime.

Peter said Neal stole the coins because he is a criminal and that is what criminal’s do. That had to hurt Neal, who has for most of the time that he has spent working with Peter looked up to the FBI agent as a mentor and father figure. Neal may want to repair the damage he has caused but Peter may not be receptive to a reconciliation once he learns about Neal’s pact with Curtis Hagen. Neal and Hagen made a deal that would ensure Peter stayed out of jail for good.

Peter will also be pretty upset when he learns that Neal was able to steal the evidence against Hagen from the FBI evidence room right from under Peter’s nose. Just because Neal and Hagen have made a deal does not mean that Hagen is out of Neal’s life for good. The charming art thief has a love interest named Rebecca. The rare book expert was kidnapped, bound and gagged by Hagen. Neal is shown a video of Rebecca looking terrified and Hagen tells Neal that if he goes to the FBI Rebecca is dead.

According to the promo “White Collar” fans should expect an unexpected twist in tonight’s episode. The most logical twist would be that Rebecca is working with Hagen in an attempt to manipulate Neal. After all she came around to Neal’s lifestyle pretty fast. In the promo we see Neal telling Mozzie “It all started with Hagen and today it ends with him.” Neal knows the pain of losing someone he loves and will fight to get Rebecca back. Remember his wife Kate was blown up in a plane right in front of Neal’s eyes.

Episode 10 of “White Collar” season 5 airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET on the USA Network. To view this episode online head to usanetwork.com in the days after the show airs. You can also catch up on all the excitement of season 5 online as well.