In these hard times of the COVID-19, most are left to order online and then wait for their packages to arrive. Unfortunately, not all can get their parcel with some criminal elements at work.

This was the case for this woman from Brooklyn. She apparently got fed up with people stealing her parcel, something she discovered from CCTV footage.

In the home security footage, she and her daughter were able to figure out why some of their packages went missing. They saw a man place the parcel in a brown bag and then walked off with his dog.

Fed up, she thought of something devious. She took a dump and placed it in a package and then carefully wrapped it up to look like a regular package.

On cue, there was a man who stole the package. They caught the thief on a CCTV camera and even took a screenshot of it with the message: "Eat s***! I've reported you to NYPD. Come in this mother f***ing gate again, see what awaits you."

And while it appeared they may have resolved the issue, they were surprised to find out something days later. It turns out that it was a different Amazon thief who stole her mom’s box of s***.

While it did not go exactly as planned, the fact is that the woman was able to teach one of the Amazon parcel thieves a lesson. Most who saw the video had a laugh out of it, some even lauding the mother for thinking of it and taking such an initiative.

But on the serious side, most advised that it may be best to have parcels delivered differently. Some suggested an Amazon locker instead to avoid future thefts on their end.

A Florida teen reportedly thrashed her father after he opened an Amazon package containing a "strap-on dildo" that arrived for her. This is a representational image. Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

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