Season 18 of “The Bachelor” has finally come to an end, and the winner is Nikki Ferrell but the pair did not get engaged. In probably the series most awkward Final Rose Ceremony, Juan Pablo revealed that he did not want to get engaged to the 26-year-old pediatric nurse because he wasn’t 100% sure. But he claimed he was 100% that he didn’t want to let her go, meaning that Nikki uncomfortably accepted JP’s final rose with him stating that he did not love her, but instead “liked her a lot.” In direct comparison so Juan Pablo’s lack of emotions, before receiving the final rose from Juan Pablo, Nikki delved into a tender monologue professing how much she truly adored him and admitted that she does love him. Even though it’s becoming more and more obvious that Juan Pablo did not come to “The Bachelor” to find a wife, and a stepmother to his daughter Camila, Nikki unfortunately did look truly in love. She was nervous and could barely breathe as Juan Pablo revealed that she would not be able to call her mom and say she was engaged because he was not “going to use” the enormous diamond engagement ring.

As for the Clare and Juan Pablo interaction in this finale episode, the most controversial “Bachelor” shows once again that he is not to worlds most sensitive of leading men. When Clare arrives on the beach to meet with Juan Pablo, he does actually look nervous. While at first we thought that his nervousness was due to his genuine attraction for Clare, but now we are assuming it was more because he had led her on for too long and he was worried of her reaction. Clare’s voice over is actually even sweeter than Nikki’s she discuss her father, who tragically passed, however she is hopeful for what’s to come with Juan Pablo. When she first sees him, she speaks first revealing how she trusts him and believes him, but it seems Clare may have put her eggs in the wrong basket because Juan Pablo does not return her sentiments. Juan Pablo states that she is an amazing woman but that he must say goodbye, her goodbye is much more abrasive and we loved it! Clare looks devastated and doesn’t let him hug her as she turns to leave St. Lucia, but not first without telling him she lost respect for him and would never want to have a father like him for her kids. Juan Pablo reacts in his typical way, by being completely rude stating, “Whew! I’m glad I didn’t pick her,”

We are thinking that Clare really dodged a bullet with this one, because Juan Pablo is really proving himself to be rather heartless. We truly wish Nikki good luck however just from the Final Rose Ceremony and Nikki’s clearly deflated acceptance of the rose; we are assuming that the relationship won’t last. Juan Pablo seems to have never really expected to fall in love on season 18 of “The Bachelor.”