If you already weren’t squirming in your seat when watching season 18 of “The Bachelor” just prepare yourself, because we have finally discovered what exactly Juan Pablo whispered to Clare Crawley during their last date in the Final Rose episode which premiered last night on ABC. Like past seasons the purpose of the finale dates in the finale episode of “The Bachelor,” the remaining two contestants and of course the leading man have the opportunity to see what their lives would be like together— apparently that’s just what Clare got, but she didn’t like the idea of the future in the slightest.

Clare’s final date with Juan Pablo was one of fairytales; the pair took a dreamy helicopter ride around the beautiful island of St. Lucia, however the romance ended there, due to an off the cuff comment by the now notably unpredictable Juan Pablo. Fans knew that something went awry on the date, but we just didn’t know how awkward and insulting it really had been. In an in the moment interview on “The Bachelor” Clare revealed that during the helicopter ride, Juan Pablo insulted her which obviously thoroughly upset her, but the moment wasn’t captured on camera. “Juan Pablo leaned over and whispered something to me. He chose to tell me something that no woman wants to hear,” Clare told the camera in the interview. “I almost… I don’t have words for it, how I feel right now.”

Fans were astounded that Juan Pablo’s antics had gone so far as to deeply upset one of his two final ladies on their last date together. But even more curios as to what he had whispered that had literally ruined their relationship. A source close to “The Bachelor” series revealed the disturbing comment to Wetpaint, “Clare asked Juan Pablo, ‘Just tell me you love me,’” clearly attempting to get a gauge of how he was feeling about her going into the Final Rose Ceremony, the insider says. “And he responded, ‘I really loved f—ing you.’” Are you kidding me? Juan Pablo cannot blame this horrible insult on a language barrier. No matter what language you are speaking in, we know that saying that to someone is atrocious. All we have to say is good luck Nikki.