Kenia OS and Álvaro Díaz new song "Bobo"
Latin Times/Lizos Music

MIAMI - Mexican singer-songwriter Kenia OS has joined forces with Puerto Rican rapper Álvaro Díaz to release a new song titled "Bobo." They announced the Latin urban music track on their social media accounts with a teaser of the video, creating a frenzy among their fans.

Kenia OS's adaptation to the emerging "coquette" fashion trend is prevalent in the video, while Díaz covers his famous cornrows with a Louis Vuitton scarf while dressed in a baby pink outfit.

"Bobo" is the Mexican artist's first song this year, which could be pivotal for her music career after her 2023's Latin Grammy nomination and her hit "Ojo por Ojo," which has 21 million views on YouTube.

A meteoric jump from YouTube

Kenia OS began her career as a YouTube personality, quickly gaining fame with her engaging video blogs. She embarked on her independent music journey in May 2018 and, within a few months, signed with Lizos Music.

Her debut single, "Por Siempre," marked her entry into the industry. After two years with Lizos Music, she continued releasing music independently, later signing with Sony Music Mexico and releasing her studio album "Cambios de Luna" in 2022.

Kenia OS's presence on streaming platforms and shows like HBO Max's Bake Off Celebrity: Mexico has significantly expanded her fan base. Her global hit "Malas Decisiones," which went viral on TikTok, has accumulated over 191 million streams on Spotify.

Álvarito Díaz goes mainstream

Jorge Álvaro Díaz Rodríguez, known as Álvarito Díaz, is a celebrated Puerto Rican rapper and composer. His musical collaborations span a variety of artists, including Feid, Sebastián Yatra, Yandel, Eladio Carrión, Myke Towers, Tainy, and Quevedo, among others.

"Bobo", with it's blend of dreamy chords and electronic beats, is a departure from Díaz's more street sound. Creating a distinctive sound that appeals to a broad audience, Kenia and Díaz sing about a love story, with the Mexican artist warning a potential lover "not to be a fool and hurry up" in the chorus.

This collaboration is a testament to the diverse talents of Kenia OS and Álvaro Díaz, with the song promising to be a significant hit in the urban music genre soon enough.

Fans of both Kenia OS and Álvaro Díaz eagerly await the impact "Bobo" will have on the music charts and social media platforms, anticipating it to become the next big hit in their playlists.

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