Season 5 of “Pretty Little Liars” has had a lot of up and down “A” moments. While fans of the series know how show runner Marlene King likes to present a lot of seemingly indicting “A” evidence, only to turn that same evidence on it’s head the following episode. The Season 5 winter premiere, “Through Glass Darkly” seemed to clearly indicate Alison as “A,” with Aria even calling her former friend the name before fleeing in fear. Alison was arrested for the murder of both Mona Vanderwaal and Bethany Young, not only eliminating Spencer as a suspect, but also confirming her identity of “A” to the Liars. That is, until the Liars, who were celebrating the start of their “A” free life, watched a firework display that concluded with a giant, flaming, and intimidating red “A.” So who is “A” now? A new fan theory is claiming that none other than Hanna Marin is in fact Big “A!”

The first clue in the Hanna is “A” theory is motive. Out of all the “A” possibilities, Hanna may have the most impactful motive. Alison tormented Hanna; she dubbed her “Hefty Hanna” due to her larger frame. Like the other “A” suspects or confirmed hood wearers, Hanna is one of Alison’s bullying victims, in line with Mona, Lucas, Jenna, and even Toby. In addition to her former victimized status, Hanna’s transformation following Ali’s disappearance can also be viewed as a clue of her “A” nature. The summer after Ali’s disappearance, Hanna loses a lot of weight, styles her like Alison, and even takes up her style choices. The theory claims that Emily confirms Hanna’s new position, essentially replacing Alison, when she tells Aria, “She’s the ‘it girl’ now.” Another clue indicating Hanna’s status as Big “A” is her friendship with Mona. Hanna and Mona became close friends, which was allegedly severed once Mona was revealed as “A” in Season 1, however the friendship continued long after that, with Hanna visiting her at Radley and taking care of Mrs. Vanderwaal even after Mona’s death.

Similarly to the “Aria is A” theory, the “Hanna is A” theory claims that there is a telling clue in the “Pretty Little Liars” opening sequence. While the Aria’s theory claims that it is suspicion that the brunette in the only Liar to making a “sush” signal, the “Hanna is A” theory claims the opening is more complicated than that. Before the infamous Arias sush, there is a moment when all four Liars are standing in front of presumably Ali’s casket. At one point Spencer, Aria and Emily turn to look at Hanna, while she guiltily looks away. Check out the full theory here at Rosewood Clues, and let us know what you think about the “Hanna is A” theory by commenting below! 

tumblr_inline_nf0575ii5q1rgo5sb In the opening credits, the Liars seem to all look at Hanna who looks away guiltily. Tumblr