A Spanish waiter allegedly stabbed a British visitor after complaining about the steak he served his wife.

After allegedly getting knifed in the stomach and leg during an argument at a restaurant in the Balearic island of Majorca, an online tabloid said responders brought the tourist to the Son Espases Hospital in Palma.

Reports said the incident occurred at 7 p.m. yesterday at a restaurant in Can Picafort, known as Don Denis, in the northeast of the island.

The waiter involved in the fight is also thought to have been hurt after being stabbed by the tourist. However, the injuries are less severe than the anonymous visitor's.

According to the Majorcan newspaper Diario de Mallorca (via an online tabloid), emergency responders stabilized the visitor at the scene after he sustained a major blood loss.

The unnamed waiter has been treated in a different hospital in Muro, and police are investigating.

The incident was caused by a quarrel over the quality of the meat, according to Jaime Soberats, Don Denis' manager.

After yesterday evening's assault, Soberats said he saw the meat before the servers took it to the table. It "looked very acceptable" to the manager.

Soberats could not identify whether it had anything to do with how well the meat was, which is the typical dilemma the restaurant sometimes faces to make their customers happy.

"I didn't witness the incident itself because I had to leave the restaurant to go to the supermarket and buy some extra supplies," he said.

Witnesses told Soberats that the tourist got "very aggressive" because his partner ordered a rib steak, and he didn't like it.

"The holidaymaker was definitely armed with a knife and in the struggle as they rolled around in bushes by the terrace both men were injured," he said.

"The tourist was hurt the worst and there was a lot of blood. My waiter assures me he didn't have a knife," Soberats added.

Soberats, who identified the tourist as a 'very huge man' his crew had never seen before, said his waiter returned home after giving police a statement. The rest of his staff is in shock.

Officers from the Civil Guard on the island could not confirm whether or not the customer had been detained.

Soberats stated that he did not anticipate his waiter being held.

Neither man has been identified as of yet.

Can Picafort is considered a great resort for families and couples and is located just a short drive from the popular British town of Puerto Alcudia.

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