COVID-19 has given people some unexpected obstacles, from seeking a plasma donor when you swipe right on Tinder to having your 'match' in line for a vaccine.  While India is currently at the deadly second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, some found unconventional ways to help their loved ones recover from the coronavirus.

"What are signs that someone likes you?" asked the Tinder India Twitter handle recently. With the COVID-19 pandemic in mind, one consumer responded weirdly. "They are ready to put a plasma donation call on their dating app bio," a Twitter netizen said.



We're not sure about romantic intentions. But luckily, plasma donation via Tinder is now a possible option. A Twitter user went viral on Tuesday after sharing a post along the same lines. 

"We found a plasma match for our friend through Tinder. Dating app 1, govt 0," Sohini Chattopadhyay said in a tweet.

She clarified that the friend in question was now doing well in a Twitter thread.



Many people see it as a much-needed break from the recent bleak news stories and social media messages. 

Chattopadhyay often found herself being trolled and having to remind people that this was supposed to be a lighthearted post for reasons that might seem incomprehensible to others.

"Folks (you know who you are): this is a FUN tweet about something nice that happened in weird times. You don't have to troll me on DM," she reminded.



News18 said Chattopadhyay, whose 30-year-old friend had been diagnosed with COVID-19, had been looking for plasma donors on various channels, including hospitals and police hotlines. However, none of the attempts were fruitful. She didn't find a donor until she was casually using Tinder. 

The COVID-positive friend had posted her condition and needs on Tinder. She and Chattopadhyay were able to find a "dude" soon after "who had previously been COVID-positive and had mentioned as much in his bio. The two met on a dating app and were able to obtain the necessary plasma.

Chattopadhyay said that it was nice to meet someone willing to donate plasma on the dating site. As a result of her recent tweet, she said has been able to find even more matches on the dating app for plasma donors of various blood groups. However, they're no longer explicitly searching for plasma donors at this time.

Though Chattopadhyay successfully found plasma donors on Tinder, few others have had the same luck. Plasma has been in short supply in many locations in India – including Delhi, Karnataka, and Maharashtra.

Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi Chief Minister, addressed the issue of plasma scarcity last Thursday. The official said that experts determine the efficacy of plasma depending on the number of antibodies present in it. According to Kejriwal, plasma from someone who has recovered from COVID-19 a long time ago might not be an effective treatment.

Plasma therapy uses plasma from people who have recovered from Covid-19 to treat people who are still sick. In patients who are infected, the antibody-rich plasma may aid in the treatment of the infection.

Tinder Tinder is launching a new safety feature called "panic button" on Jan. 28, 2020. Unsplash/Kon Karampelas