Peso Pluma hospitalized
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The saga surrounding the whereabouts of the elusive corridos tumbados singer Peso Pluma has taken a dramatic turn as new clues emerge, sending shockwaves through his fan base, and the Mexican music world. As speculation runs rampant, journalists and fans alike are left to wonder: Where is Peso Pluma really?

The latest wave of versions surrounding the Mexican star started Tuesday morning on social media, the reports claimed that he had checked into a hospital in Mexico. Then, respected magazine Quién reported that the 24-year-old artist was in the "5 Lunas de Maluri" rehabilitation center in Jalisco, where the artist allegedly sought refuge.

The Latin Times contacted his team for confirmation, but at the time of publication, his publicists remained silent. Concrete evidence of Peso Pluma's presence at the facility remained elusive, although Jordi Martín, the Spanish paparazzi that broke the news of Gerard Piqué's betrayal of Shakira with Clara Chía, told Quién he has proof that the artist is there.

Despierta América's Peso Pluma sighting

As the search intensified, a surprising development emerged from an unexpected source. Despierta América, the popular Univision morning show, broadcasted footage today purportedly showing a man bearing a striking resemblance to Peso Pluma in Los Angeles, allegedly taken last night.

"He is in Los Angeles doing what he does best: music," said DA host Raúl González.

However, as the evidence shows, the video was taken from afar, and the camera didn't capture the face of the man, who they claim is Peso Pluma. Questions abound. Could Peso Pluma truly be in Los Angeles? And if so, what does this mean for the previous versions surrounding his alleged stay at the rehabilitation center in Mexico? Or, is he really at 5 Lunas de Maluri.

Could Peso Pluma's team have orchestrated a clever ruse to evade detection, throwing off the scent of those seeking to uncover his whereabouts?

True facts about Peso Pluma

While the truth surrounding Hassan Kabande, better known as Peso Pluma, may forever remain hidden from the public, certain undeniable facts lend credibility to the narrative of his rehabilitation journey. Known for meticulous career management, Peso Pluma and his team have carefully crafted his rise to stardom, culminating in his coveted inclusion as one of the top headliners at this year's Festival de Viña del Mar, the premier music festival in the Spanish-speaking world, currently unfolding in Chile without the Mexican star.

The decision to include Peso Pluma in the festival's lineup sparked intense debate, as vocal segments of Chilean society expressed concerns over the lyrical content of his songs, alleging glorification of drug culture. Despite the controversy, festival organizers fervently advocated for his participation. Many were shocked when Peso Pluma unexpectedly withdrew from his scheduled performance at Viña del Mar and subsequently canceled the remainder of his South American tour, citing "personal reasons." Although festival organizers were informed of his withdrawal due to "medical reasons," the precise nature of these health issues remains shrouded in ambiguity.

Moreover, Peso Pluma's past sheds light on his ongoing struggles. Before his meteoric rise in the music industry last year, the singer spent time at the same rehabilitation center now at the center of speculation.

Open about his battles with depression, Peso Pluma's public breakup with his former girlfriend, Nicki Nicole, following allegations of infidelity on his part, serves as a backdrop to his current situation. Additionally, has also been away from the public eye since images with another woman in Las Vegas surfaced on Monday after the Super Bowl.

While he usually takes to social media to promote his songs and collaborations, the artist has remained silent for days now, failing to acknowledge the release of his latest song "No son kille," with Mexican band Santa Fe Klan, and Argentinian trap star Duki.

La Doble P, as Peso Pluma is also known, was also absent in the Premio Lo Nuestro ceremony in Miami last Thursday, where was the second most nominated with 10 nods. He won four.

In the meantime, his management company, Prajín Records, keeps promoting his upcoming North American tour, Éxodo, which will start on April 12th, with his first day at the music festival Coachella. Regardless of his whereabouts, whether he is in rehab of making new music, Peso Pluma needs to be taking care of himself. The tour which will last until the end of October will be grueling.

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