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The supposedly leaked casting sheet for "American Horror Story: Freak Show." Twitter/@nephilimstupid

It’s hard to tell what’s real or fake with “American Horror Story” Season 4, a supposed trailer for “Freak Show” was recently released, featuring an angel of sorts being controlled by a puppet master. After making the rounds on the Internet and then some, the trailer was revealed to be a fake, or rather, a fan made trailer in anticipation for the forthcoming season of the mini series. Now a picture that has been revealed on Twitter may unlock the biggest secret to “Freak Show” yet, an alleged casting sheet has been leaked online, and from the looks of it, it looks pretty legitimate.

The long and rather detailed casting sheet provides fans with a glimpse of returning cast members including “Coven” favorites, Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates and Evan Peters. As well as listing of some new cast members, as well as lesser now cast members from pervious seasons including Season 4’s predecessors “Coven,” “Asylum” and even “Murder House.” It seems like with Season 4 of “American Horror Story,” FX is keeping the casting in the family. In addition to the cast members, and of course the reveal of the intriguing “Freak Show” characters they will portray, a single plot line from Season 4 has been revealed! In order to properly absorb the copious amount of spoiler information on this purported leaked casting sheet, we have broken it down into three categories, returning cast and their characters, new cast and their characters and last but certainly not least plot spoilers!

Returning Cast & Character Description

Jessica Lange, will be once again playing the boss however she is leaving her Fiona character behind. In “Freak Show” Lange will be portraying, Elsa Mars. Elsa is a German expatriate who operates one of the last remaining “Freak Shows” in America. Elsa’s sideshow is situated in the community of Jupiter, Florida, during the 1950s.

Sarah Paulson broke the news about her character rather early. The actress and “AHS” veteran revealed that for Season 4, she would be portraying Bette and Dot Tattler, conjoined twins who share the same body.

Kathy Bates is set to return to Season 4 and play Ethel Darling, the ex-wife of Michael Chiklis’s character. Chiklis’s character’s name has not yet been revealed, however, “AHS” creator Ryan Murphy described him as a “strong man,” and even revealed that he is currently married to Angela Basset’s character, who is notably absent from this leaked casting sheet. If Ethel Darling is the ex-wife of this supposed “strong man” and Angela Basset’s character is the current wife, fans can expect these two powerhouse actresses to once again be at one another’s throats (on screen of course.)

Rounding out the family drama is Evan Peters’ character of Jimmy Darling, presumably Ethel’s son and the product of “Freak Show” divorce.

Ben Woolf, who portrayed Infantada in the first season of “American Horror Story: Murder House” will return to the FX mini series. This time Woolf will be playing Meep, one thing his “AHS” characters have in common—weird names.

Another returning supporting cast member is Ramona Tyler, who will be enjoying back-to-back season at “American Horror Story.” The actress played the Louisiana governor's wife in the 1833 storyline of “Coven.” In Season 4, she will play Mildred Bachman.

This returning cast member and perhaps character is set to “AHS” fans excited for “Freak Show” Naomi Grossman, who played the memorable character, Pepper in “American Horror Story: Asylum” is back for “Freak Show,” and her characters name is Pepper! Could this be a coincidence, or is Pepper back? If the character of Pepper does return in Season 4that would be a first for the FX anthology.

Last but certainly not least is Grace Gummer. The actress daughter of Meryl Streep guest starred in the first season of “American Horror Story.” She has returned to the series three seasons later and is set to portray Penny the Candy Striper.

New Cast & Character Description

John Carroll Lynch will play Twisted Clown.

Ann McKenzie will play Eudora Tattler. While there is little information on character its safe to assume she is related, and even perhaps the mother of Sarah Paulson’s conjoined character Bette and Dot Tattler.

Erika Ervin is a 6’8” model and fitness trainer, she will play a character named Amazon Eve. The character’s name is Erika’s current nickname and stage name!

Matt Fraser is an actor who was diagnosed with phocomelia; the rare disease has caused the malformation of his limbs. He is set to play Paul the Illustrated Seal in Season 4.

Rose Siggins, whose legs were amputated at age 2, will play Legless Suzy in “Freak Show.”

Christopher Neiman, who is best known for roles on “Charmed” and “Ally McBeal” who play a character named Salty.

Plot Spoilers

As for the plot spoiler direct from the supposed FX casting sheet. The premiere of “American Horror Story: Freak Show” is set to open Season 4 with a murder, nothing says AHS like a little blood shed. According to the leaked casting sheet, the Twisted Clown who is played by John Carroll Lynch kills the Bachman’s in the premiere episode. While he casting sheet only lists one Bachman, Mildred, based on this spoiler its safe to say there was a Bachman family living peacefully in Jupiter Florida, before Elsa Mars’ “Freak Show” came to town.

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