World Cup

Which Latino Do You Want To Win The Adidas Golden Ball Award?

The ten nominees were announced on Friday for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Adidas Golden Ball Trophy. Five of the nominees are Latino and have a great shot at winning the award. Vote for who you think should win the award in our poll.
  • 20 Facts About the World Cup Final
    Top 20 Facts You Must Know Before The World Cup Final
    Before you sit down to watch the main event match at the Maracana tomorrow, scroll through our 20 facts that you must know before watching the World Cup Final between Germany and Argentina on Sunday
  • POLL: Who Will Win The World Cup?
    The third time’s the charm when Germany and Argentina take the pitch on Sunday for the main event that everyone has been waiting for. Read what to watch in the World Cup Final match as well as our prediction on who we think will hoist the cup. See betting odds and please vote in our poll and tell us who you think will win the World Cup!

Brazil Latest: You Must Read Brazil's Obituary!

The Brazil national soccer team died today after two of the most humiliating losses in their country's history. After a humiliating 7-1 defeat at the hands of Germany, Brazil's second act was as atrocious as the first as they lost 3-0 to the Netherlands on Saturday. They are survived by Neymar, David Luiz, Jorge Silva, Hulk, Fred, and the rest of the disappointing stars of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Netherlands Latest: Is This Arjen Robben's Last Game For Holland?

Arjen Robben has been one of the most enigmatic players to ever step foot on a pitch. A man so brilliant at the game we all love, barred by injuries throughout his career. Check out this article to get a glimpse into the Dutchman's illustrious career and what the future holds for one of Holland's greatest players.

Preview And Prediction: Brazil Vs. Netherlands

When Holland and Brazil step onto the pitch in Brasilia on Saturday, they will be playing in a game that almost no one wants to play in. Check out this article to get the full pre-game analysis, predictions and live streams as Holland looks to finish off an already down and seemingly out Brazilian side.

Did Neymar Fake Injury

Theories around Neymar's injury that left him out of the World Cup point that it was all a cop-out to justify Brazil's failure at the soccer tournament.

Argentina Vs. Germany Memes

The 2014 World Cup final is between Argentina and Germany! This would be a rematch from the 1990 final that had Germany as the winners. See the best memes leading up to the last game!

'El Tri' Fans Can’t Get Over Robben Dive

World Cup fans following Mexico have not gotten over a call the referee made in favor of Netherlands that resulted in a penalty shot that put the team ahead to win the match. "No Era Penal" became a trending topic and here are the best memes!

Analysis of Holland's Semifinal Performance

It wasn't the most exciting of semifinals but Argentina are through to face Germany. Be sure to check out this article to get an in depth view at what the Dutch did today to stabilize Messi and keep the game scoreless for 120 minutes.